domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Last Week: A Summary


  • Searching for more inspiration. I found some interesting artists that work with glass, creating nice fragile and delicate art pieces. Some samples:
Julius Weiland (Click and enlarge)

Julius Weiland
Julius Weiland

René Roubíček

  • But... since I don't have any skills at working with glass, and I feel it's not absolutely necessary to include glass pieces in my project, I came back to think about caramel, which I had used before. Then I found this video, that shows how the hot caramel dough is "kneaded" until it gets that glossy look, and after that it's shaped into a nice form. Cool! The trick in the recipe is the use of a sugar derivative called isomalt instead of regular sugar... and I have no idea how to get it at the moment.


  • I tried making long, stylized, rigid shapes with Fimo dough (breaking the rules of using only natural materials...) but I failed. After baking the dough it was still flexible so the figures bend instead of keeping straight... Now I am thinking of making first a wire structure and then cover it with dough or paint it so it will stay exactly as I want. Or just searching for another more rigid material, that allows me to shape it into long and slim forms. I'll upload some photos of this idea later.

sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

This week I've been trying some new fragile materials to make different pieces (creatures), always thinking of the natural vs. the artificial. Lately I've cut out some textures in silk paper... you'll see more at the midterm examination.

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Materials: egg shells, homemade clay (flour, salt, water), ink and watercolours.
What's this? What am I doing? Natural things? Artificial things? Is it just the artificial made out of natural materials? Transformations? When does an object cease to be natural to become artificial?

miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

Potato peel

Today I've been thinking of my personal project, what and how can I execute it in a way I will get satisfied. I took the idea of the nature, or the natural versus the artificial, as my start point.

Then I took some dried potato peel, painted it with watercolours and put them together on a white sheet. This is the result.

At first I didn't realized, neither I searched it, but I couldn't help seeing the shape of a bird in that pile of meaningless peel. Then I slightly changed the composition...

I liked it but I'm still searching something different that sparks an idea for my project...